$11.9 Mexican Bowls

Mexican Bowls with Chippotle Rice, Beans, Salsa and a variety of Meats

From $11.90

$14.90 Eat-at-home Meals

Slow Smoked Beef Ribs, Sausages plus great Vege Options. You will love these.

From $14.90

$5.9 Eat-at-home Meals

From Smoked Chicken Risotto to Chilli and Beans. Possibly the best value prepared meals in Australia.

From $5.90

$8.9 Eat-at-home Meals

Mac and Cheese, Slow Smoked Chicken, Chipotle rice and much more. Incredible value prepared meals.

From $8.90

BBQ Sauces

Choose Hot Bar-B-Que Nectar or Apple Bourbon BBQ sauce

From $7.90

Beef Only

Sometimes you just want that incredible beefy flavour only found with QueYou’s amazing beef ribs, and this is the perfect package for you. We deliver only beef ribs, smoked to glorious, juicy excellence.

From $21

Beef Ribs

Huge beefy flavour. Smoked using a 9-spice dry rub and hickory wood. You have never tried this kind of beef. Pairs perfectly with our QueYou Hot BBQ Nectar, or horseradish sauce. 

From $7


Less common in Australia than the US, our brisket offers sumptuous beefy flavours. The meat comes out soft and delicate. Smoked for 8 to 10 hours with hickory wood. Serve it with our QueYou Hot BBQ Nectar.

From $7

Candy Bacon

Streaky bacon brushed with maple syrup, drizzled with organic brown sugar and chili. Slow cooked to bring to a consistency similar to jerky. A little spicy, a little sweet, a little salty – seriously addictive.

From $7


Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this is “just another chicken”. Most people who’ve tried said it was some of, if not the best, chicken they’ve ever had. Marinated overnight and smoked using maple wood for up to 5 hours, our chicken is delicious with Sweet Apple Bourbon sauce. 

From $7

Choose Your Own

Feel like doing your own thing? We can work with that. Our choose your own package lets you build the perfect option to satisfy even the most demanding of eaters. 

From $19

Combo for 2 (13% discount)

One Slow Smoked Meat, One Side, Candy Bacon, Corn Bread and House-made Sauce. Vacuum Packed ready to be frozen or leave in the fridge. Reheat at home in an oven or on a BBQ when convenient.

From $72

Combo for 4-5 (15% discount)

Choose 4 meats, plus Candy Bacon, Oink Balls, Corn Bread and Sauce. Perfect for 4-5 people.

From $134

Combo for 6-7 (20% discount)

Choose 6 meats, plus Candy Bacon, Oink Balls, Corn Bread, Chicken wings and Sauce. Perfect for 6-7 people.

From $192

Combo for 8-9 (28% discount)


Choose 8 meats, plus Candy Bacon, Oink Balls, Corn Bread and Sauce. Perfect for 8-9 people.


From $246

For 2

You get two full racks of our sumptuous ribs, perfect for feeding up to four people. 

From $19

Customer Reviews

  • The chicken wings with the marinated sauce, my god, I could easily have anything to dip with that sauce.

  • The two sauces were delectable. I couldn't fault them, they were that good. With Pork deliciousness at its best.

  • Wow the spicy sauce is good enough to drink