BBQ Sauces

BBQ Sauces


Hot Bar-B-Que Nectar

Heat meet sweet. A house made mouth-watering blend of award-winning American BBQ sauce with the perfect mix of sweet and spice. Try on beef, lamb, and dark meats. Meat’s best friend. More than heat, every taste of this succulent house made sauce will leave you wanting more. Made from a blend of award-winning American barbecue sauces, our Hot Bar-B-Que Nectar takes your beef, lamb, and dark meats to a whole new delicious level. Baste your meats in this spicy sauce, and the caramelized finish is heaven in your mouth. QueYou’s Hot Bar-B-Que Nectar is perfect for your next dinner party, to give as a gift, or simply to turn everyday meals into unforgettable events.

Apple Bourbon

Heaven in a bottle. Tantalize your taste buds with this house made sweet, savory, and tangy sauce that enhances the flavor of any meat. Try on pork, chicken, and light meats. How do you make your meat even more sweet? Add our house made Sweet Apple Bourbon Sauce! Made with the perfect blend of sweet apples, savory bourbon, and a kick of spice, this sauce combines the best-of-the-best tastes from award-winning American barbecue sauces. Add this highly-addictive sauce to pork, chicken, and light meat for a taste explosion like nothing you’ve ever experienced. The sweet and tangy flavor of QueYou’s Sweet Apple Bourbon Sauce satisfies the refined palette of chefs as well as children’s tastes. And after every last bite of meat is gone, it’s perfect for dipping fries, breads… anything.

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Customer Reviews

  • The chicken wings with the marinated sauce, my god, I could easily have anything to dip with that sauce.

  • The two sauces were delectable. I couldn't fault them, they were that good. With Pork deliciousness at its best.

  • Wow the spicy sauce is good enough to drink