Making Good Barbecue Great, and Great Barbecue Extraordinary

When you combine our delectable cuts of meat with our sumptuous sauces, the combination is simply amazing. QueYou’s meats and sauces will make your taste buds sing – elevating the act of eating into something sublime. Smokey, succulent, tender…it’s meat like you’ve never tasted it before.

Our meats are cooked low and slow, achieving unheard of tenderness and taste. From our beef or pork ribs to our lamb, chicken, salmon, pulled pork, wings and even candy bacon, all of our meats are sourced right here in Australia. We hand-select only grass fed meat raised in Australia, and then we slow-cook it to tender, juicy perfection, delivering the same incredible experience our diners enjoy at Third Wave Café in Melbourne, one of the longest running American BBQ restaurants in the city.

Got your own meat?Want to cook it yourself? No problem! We offer the ideal sauce for your needs, whether you’ve got a big to-do, or just a family night in. Baste our barbecue sauce on succulent pork, and it becomes almost a religious experience. Dip beef into our mouth-watering sauces and you’ll discover flavours you never knew existed. From turkey to chicken to tofu, our sauces amplify the flavour of any bite.

Each of our sauces is made from only the finest ingredients – sweet molasses, fresh tomatoes, the tang of vinegar, onions, garlic and the perfect blend of spices. Try QueYou’s Hot Bar-B-Que Nectar or Sweet Apple Bourbon Sauce to complement your pork and chicken, you’ll discover flavours you never knew were possible.


Customer Reviews

  • Oh my goodness!!
    Ordered some meals online... they took a while to come - but tonight, I took our beef ribs out of the freezer and reheated them
    I was sceptical- but I will be ordering again 😋

  • I'm on my second order. Mexican Bowls are sensational. I also grabbed some BBQ packs. Highly recommend.

  • Our pre-ordered heat at home family pack was amazing! We will be back - best beef ribs and bbq chicken we have ever had. My husband loved his iso birthday dinner. Thank you!

  • Wow the spicy sauce is good enough to drink